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...taking pictures and selecting photos, editing images to publish - some photographers do this for their website, others for publication in magazines- but one thing we all do this - we trust our monitor.

Do we see the colors on the monitor as they really are?

Monitors, the windows to our image-files, show colors first of all different. Not two monitors seems to two have equal colors. You can see this when you go to a local computer retailer and look at all the different displays sitting side by side. Big differences in brightness, contrast and color hues are a common occurance.

How you can do everything wrong...

Photos and their color, brilliant lights and deep shadow scopes - the monitor is interpreting this always totally individually. On closer inspection you will see fast and really clear what is going to happen. Every single user edits their images with colors display sliders and graduation curve and at the end you will see that to many cooks spoil the broth.

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The monitor as hub of the universe!

Everyone could have this. Calibration is not only cost-saving, but as well very easy and run within a few minutes. The Spyder3 Sensors coming with their own Software. This Application plays reference-colors patches on the monitor and measure them at the same time with the USB-Sensor. The differences determined thereby are the bases for the correct profile. And that is already everything. Spyder activates this profile automatically and you must absolutely nothing manually adjust. The colors are correct now and everyone see it with Spyder3Elite.

Who would like itself to look at the Spyder-Family, the Datacolor products you can find in the well sorted specialized shops in Europe and the USA.